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Badgers explained
Badgertastic Facts
Oooh scary!

If you are thinking you want to convert your religion to Badgerism then read this first..

Badgerism was founded on 6th December 2004 by me Mike Jones. I decided to invent this religion soon after i discoverd my liking for badgers. They are such superior animals they just have to be recognised in society.

The story of how Earth become what it is.. There was once a giant Badger called Clinton who lived in the Sun, One day he got bored and decided to leave the sun and create a master race. He named their home Earth. The very first living species were infact Badgers. Later in time these badgers evolved into humans.

To convert to badgerism you must say your thanks to the almighty Clinton the badger, every night or he will bite your fucking head of. You must also walk on all fours and growl when people talk to you, If these people are so insane that they talk to you Kill them, Once you convert there is no looking back.

If you would like to convert to Badgerism then email me at..